Outstanding service – a result of the strongest network

Our editorial team comprises thirty full-time technical editors. As a result, com-a-tec is able to cover a broad range of skills in-house.

Bronze partnership with Quanos for its leading component content management system (CCMS) SCHEMA ST4, our partner agency with locations in the USA and China, and a strong team of external specialists round off our range of services.

com-a-tec GmbH
Analysis and consulting
Analysis & consulting

Where you need it

Be it document analysis, editorial guidelines, CE conformity or the subject of modularization – with our comprehensive know-how and experience, we provide advice where you need it and support you on the path to Information 4.0.


Your intelligent information

Information 4.0 means creating intelligent information together with everything that entails – classifying and identifying information modules, integrating delivery formats, managing versions and much more. That is what you can expect from our technical writing.

Translation & editing
Translation & editing

Quality for users worldwide

Final editing and professionally accurate translations are subject to the same degree of diligence as we apply to technical writing. Starting with the terminology and ending with the use of translation memory systems.

Illustration & moving pictures
Illustration & moving pictures

Reach out to your users

Although we are able to describe almost anything, illustration is sometimes the better option. 2D or 3D, photographed, animated or filmed – there are many ways to reach your target groups.

Cooperation models
Cooperation models

Just as you want them

Support strategies at com-a-tec are as diverse as our customers. What counts are your needs and the overall efficiency of cooperation.