Illustration & moving pictures

Help users understand the essential in a faster way. Later, they will recollect better

Although it is possible to describe practically anything, illustration is sometimes the better option – for example, how a vehicle on-board unit is installed or how the replacement part of a machine is correctly exchanged. Graphics, photos, videos and animations increase comprehension, directly convey the written word into reality and represent the solution for language-free implementation of your documentation in all of your target countries.

Whether in 2D or 3D, based on your CAD data or a modeled, photographed or filmed prototype – using state-of-the-art software and longstanding experience, our graphics department creates the commensurate graphics, animations, real images and videos that purposefully help the user and are also enjoyable. All optimized for the respective target medium.

com-a-tec GmbH

3A Composites Simple, because self-explanatory

The composite panel ALUCOBOND® facilitates the design of unique facades in terms of shape and color. Panel installation is extremely simple, yet requires proper handling of the material to achieve the desired long-term result. The animation created especially for facade constructors shows all the essential aspects from planning right through to installation.

Bedrunka & Hirth Production data modified to 2D and 3D objects

All the components in the Bedrunka & Hirth industrial equipment catalog are stored as CDC data – the perfect prerequisite to create 2-dimensional sketches, 3-dimensional explosion graphics and to animate 3D objects. Whether for printed instructions or an assembly video on a smartphone or laptop, CAD data are the ideal basis for making assembly as easy as possible for the user.