Right from the beginning

The use of a component content management system to create technical documentation can deliver major benefits. Examples include greater efficiency in terms of text creation, multiple recycling of information, transparent media management, simple release management, cost-effective language management, flexible cross-media output.


However, powerful and complex systems such as SCHEMA ST4 can only reach their full potential when used optimally. This requires the appropriate know-how, experience and targeted project management during the implementation process.

As a certified partner for SCHEMA ST4, we have specialized in providing support for the entirety of the introduction of editing systems. Our services include consulting for the whole introduction process as well as active support in areas such as restructuring, setting up standards, and the transfer of legacy systems.

We invest - you profit

Editorial systems are expensive and the professional handling of know-how is intensive. It is therefore only worth introducing your own system once a certain volume of documentation has been produced, and building up the necessary know-how only when you work with the system on a regular basis.

To make the advantages of an editorial system affordable for each of our customers, we offer an editorial system sharing model. In this model, you rent an area on our system at a fraction of the purchase price, benefit from our know-how as Quanos Bronze Partner for SCHEMA ST4 and can enjoy all the advantages of the system at manageable costs.

If you decide to purchase SCHEMA ST4 yourself at a later date, all the content and data you have created can be easily transferred to your system.

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